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How can you surf anonymously?

12. Juli 2013
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If you normally surf the Internet, through its own Internet access, one is simultaneously complete for some areas visible on the internet and thus no longer anonymous. If it would create an operator on a web page, so he could probably make almost any user identify who was on his side. There are also opportunities to surf completely anonymously on the Internet, so that neither the provider nor an operator and administrator can view a web page, who is currently is on his side.

What exactly is VPN and how does it work?
We are talking here of the solution „VPN“. But what exactly is that? Perhaps one or the other already knows the word „proxy“ and exactly these are also the VPN technology. Most of the users use a tool needs to add a suitable proxy server manually. There are various ways one would it be easy to set such a proxy in the browser. Anyway, once the user is connected to the proxy, it simply calls the respective tool on any website. The tool then encrypts the request and sends it to the provider only once, but the result of the encryption can not see who sent the request. The proxy server then change the IP of the request and then sends it on to the actual server. It sounds to here after a long walk on, but this happened in a split second, and depending on how good the proxy, this also works the crossroad or as fast as one would not have VPN technology interposed. Be sure to check out the best vpn providers 2013 here.

How can I use VPN?
There are several ways to use VPN. Partly free tools and solutions are offered on the internet, but can here mostly left to the speed Wüschen. Instead, you can also refer providers who establish a monthly amount to the appropriate server and tools for one.